Lauren Storm reviewed Anna!

Posted on April 4th, 2008 in Anna Smudge: Professional Shrink,Book Reviews,Buzzzzzz,Photos by MAC


Lauren Storm is a terrific actress who was on the Popular TV show, Flight 29 Down, and in the Disney film, The Game Plan. Now Lauren’s starring in the Fox feature film, I Love You, Beth Cooper, alongside Hayden Panettiere from Heroes. The film is being directed by Chris Columbus, one of my all-time favorites, who wrote Goonies! For those of you who don’t know, I named Donny “the Meatball” Fratelli after the Fratellis in Goonies. Yes, that is just how much I love that film. Check out Lauren’s review of Anna Smudge below-


“Anna Smudge is an eleven year old Manhattan rich kid, who would gladly trade her wealth for a relationship with her always-unavailable parents. She feels ugly, clumsy and invisible, and dreads awakening each school day morning. Her hours at school are filled with endless teasing and feelings of inadequacy. As slow as she moves, her adept driver always manages to get her to school on time. How this unlikely character ends up as a leader and heroine skillfully unfolds in this lively throwback to the spirit of the old “Nancy Drew” series."

"One day at school, her dreaded nemesis, Jacob Pierce, tells a lie that gets Anna sent to the new guidance counselor. The result is that Anna gains not only a new friend, but also the confidence and determination to solve a murder mystery. Along the way she comes to realize that every person has certain gifts. She is great at giving practical advice. The title of professional shrink, and minor celebrity reputation, soon follow. With her motley crew of geniuses, the formerly invisible Anna takes to the streets of New York City. This heartfelt tale is well written and satisfying. I highly recommend it.”

–Lauren Storm




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