Evolution of a Cover

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Wanna see how the cover of Anna Smudge: Professional Shrink came to fruition?


Well, up top is the crummy sketch I sent to cover artist Greg Horn when I was first trying to describe to him what I had in mind. The second is the  much more awesome sketch that Greg sent back to me. Greg’s a very famous artist in the comic book industry. Every time I got sketches from him in my inbox it was like Christmas!


Check out Greg’s interview with Wizard Magazine about the revision process the Anna Smudge cover went through.






New York Post write up!

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This was a very exciting day. Don’t get me wrong, every time Anna gets a mention it’s thrilling. Except, of course, when the mention is bad, which is when I go buy an abnormally large bag of Reese’s Pieces, and eat them one-by-one in fetal position on my sofa while listening to

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?


But it was especially exciting to get a write-up in my hometown newspaper. My hometown being New York City. The New York Post named Anna Smudge one of five books to read now that Harry Potter is over, and compared Anna to Nancy Drew! Check it out here…





Wow, Anna has some pretty large shoes to fill. I hope that she’s up to the task, ties her shoelaces right, and doesn’t trip too much.




Lauren Storm reviewed Anna!

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Lauren Storm is a terrific actress who was on the Popular TV show, Flight 29 Down, and in the Disney film, The Game Plan. Now Lauren’s starring in the Fox feature film, I Love You, Beth Cooper, alongside Hayden Panettiere from Heroes. The film is being directed by Chris Columbus, one of my all-time favorites, who wrote Goonies! For those of you who don’t know, I named Donny “the Meatball” Fratelli after the Fratellis in Goonies. Yes, that is just how much I love that film. Check out Lauren’s review of Anna Smudge below-


“Anna Smudge is an eleven year old Manhattan rich kid, who would gladly trade her wealth for a relationship with her always-unavailable parents. She feels ugly, clumsy and invisible, and dreads awakening each school day morning. Her hours at school are filled with endless teasing and feelings of inadequacy. As slow as she moves, her adept driver always manages to get her to school on time. How this unlikely character ends up as a leader and heroine skillfully unfolds in this lively throwback to the spirit of the old “Nancy Drew” series."

"One day at school, her dreaded nemesis, Jacob Pierce, tells a lie that gets Anna sent to the new guidance counselor. The result is that Anna gains not only a new friend, but also the confidence and determination to solve a murder mystery. Along the way she comes to realize that every person has certain gifts. She is great at giving practical advice. The title of professional shrink, and minor celebrity reputation, soon follow. With her motley crew of geniuses, the formerly invisible Anna takes to the streets of New York City. This heartfelt tale is well written and satisfying. I highly recommend it.”

–Lauren Storm




"You like what on your pizza?!"

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A long time ago I vowed to be a nonjudgmental person when it comes to other people’s eating habits. After all, I used to wait tables at a New York diner and I’ve seen some pretty untraditional food combos…like ketchup on a Caesar salad and cream cheese in an omelette. So, when I witnessed my editor, Rena, putting banana peppers (cold, yellow, pickled peppers) on her pizza it got me thinking about pizza toppings. Pizza is just one of those foods that has no bounds when it comes to what people stick on top of it. Personally, I like eggplant on my pizza, but that’s about as funky as I get. What are some of your pizza topping preferences? Drop me a comment below and let me know what you put on your pie.




Anna Smudge has won a Top Choice Award at Flamingnet!

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Anna won a Top Choice Award from the popular review site, Flamingnet. The reviewer called the book, “One of the best mysteries I have ever read,” and gave it a nine out of ten. It’s pizza party time!


Check it out!

Anna Smudge at Flamingnet



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Allen Alvarado: Professional Actor

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Allen Alvarado


So, you probably don’t know who Mr. Who is…or perhaps you do. But the real question is, do you know who Allen Alvarado is? He’s an extremely talented young actor who was a series regular on the popular TV show Flight 29 Down. And he recently finished filming the movie Lower Learning, starring Eva Longoria and Jason Biggs.


Allen read Anna Smudge and had some pretty cool things to say. Thanks, Allen! You are without a doubt a Professional.


“This book is a mystery masterpiece. It has a great build-up and a shocking ending. ‘Anna Smudge: Professional Shrink’ puts you in the middle of all of the action. I loved it so much, I was heartbroken when it ended.”

— Allen Alvarado




It’s raining shrinks!

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Who knew that therapy would become such a rage? The Associated Press featured Anna Smudge in an article about the popularity of shrinks in entertainment alongside HBO’s In Therapy, The Sopranos, Frasier, and the movie Charlie Bartlett. It was picked up by the New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, Washington Post, LA Times, Fox News, ABC News, and a zillion other places.




Art by Greg Horn.

Layout by Gregory "Gee Willakers" Collins.




Anna’s a cover girl

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No, she’s not on the cover of a fashion magazine. Anna’s featured alongside a few other books on the cover of Publishers Weekly, a popular trade magazine that folks in the publishing industry read. If you want to be a Professional Book Editor or a Professional Agent or a Professional Writer, then I recommend you start reading PW on the double.



The Professionals

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The Professionals


Here’s a group shot of all of The Professionals. They’re not your typical group of friends, but they all have one very important thing in common… Yup, you guessed it. They have to track down the criminal mastermind Mr. Who.


Do you know who he is?


Pencils and inks by Kevin Sharpe and MAC. Color art by Sean Ellery.




Anna Smudge: Professional Shrink

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Book One of the mystery series, The Professionals.


Anna Smudge full cover


Need some therapy? Well, then this is the mystery for you. And it’s a lot cheaper than paying for an actual session. Click here to learn more about Anna Smudge, to read the first chapter, and to meet the incredible comic book artists who I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with.


Click here to buy the book at



Front cover art by Greg Horn.

Back cover pencils by Glenn Fabry.

Back cover colors by Sean Ellery.

Cover design by Gregory P. Collins



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